Terms and Conditions

Please take time to read these terms and conditions carefully before enrolment forms are signed and submitted. It contains important information designed to safeguard the wellbeing of our pupils and to ensure that the good name of our School continues to be associated with high quality teaching and the enjoyment of dance.

Fees and Cancellation

Fees are payable in advance for dance, gymnastics,  Late fees may incur a 5% interest charge.

Fees are based monthly as indicated on the timetable provided.

As our costs are fixed, fees remain payable in cases of absence. There is no reduction for sickness or holidays.

Fees are non-refundable.

Any increase in fees with be notified one month ahead of the increase.

Methods of Payment

Bank transfer.

By direct debit 

(arrangements must be made through Sarah )

Debit & credit card 



Summers in Time reserves the right to alter the timetables and its teaching staff as appropriate at anytime without prior notice. However, we will endeavor to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible.

Photographs and Filming

The school will, from time to time, take photographs and film footage of students during class time for use in marketing and publicity material. Please sign the appropriate section of the permission slip included on the Enrolment Form. If you have any objection, please clearly indicate this on the form.

Code of Conduct

Children should arrive promptly, correctly dressed and attend classes regularly.

Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform the staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions.

During class, children are expected to listen and we discourage any unnecessary talking. If a child is causing disruption they will be asked to leave the lesson.

From time to time it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when helping to improve pupils’ posture or assist movements. This includes physical contact between students i.e. holding hands.

The staff at Summers in Time  reserve the right to exclude students at any time from lessons at its discretion.

Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. Summers in Time cannot accept liability for lost or damaged belongings. Anything we find will be placed in lost property.

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety before and after class times. The liability of Staff is restricted to class time only and then only to gross negligence.

Children and students playing outside between classes do so at their own risk and the school cannot be held responsible for the safety of the students out of the studios.