Summers Knights Dance (SKD) Events Team are a small team that perform at special events throughout the country. Given the nature of this, the individuals all had to audition to become a member of the team. This is good practise for the young aspiring dancers as it prepares them for industry life, and allows them to train with industry professionals. 

They are currently the half time entertainment for nottingham's Wildcats Basketballers and are sponsored by McDonalds...we're lovin' it!


I love to dance all the time so being part of the Events team makes me feel excited and amazing. I love being with my dancing family as they are all friendly and help me.

I love being a part of SKD. You improve your dance skills in a safe envrionment and you are surrounded by people who share the same passion as you. SKD is a second family for me.

I enjoy being part of the Events team as it feels like a secnd family. We all share the same passion and aspirations for dancig and performing. It has allowed me to improve and perform in places where most dance schools wouldn't.

I love dancing, it's one of my favourite things to do. When I got into the events team I was ecstatic.With Summers In Time I have performed at Alton Towers, Her Majesty's Theatre and we're booked in to perform in Disneyland California next year!!!

Being a member of SKD is like having a second family. I love training and learning all the new styles that we then get to showcase and perform across the country. 

I am so excited and proud to be a part of the events team. I get to dance even more which makes me feel so happy. It's great to be around such lovely and helpful people that look after me, and I'm give wonderful opportunities to do something I love all the time. 

Being one of the dancers in the Summers Knight Event team is something I enjoy as we all share the same passion of “performing”. We get given amazing opportunities and I love being part of this dance family.

I love being a part of SKD as it has given me so many opportunities and we are one big family. Everyone is so supportive snd encouraging, and since being a team member I have improved my dance skills as well as team work. 

I have been dncing for as long as I can remember, and being a part of SKD has helped me improved my dance ability, ad has shown me the style in which I excel most.

I was thrilled to be a part of SKD even though I had just started at Summers In Time. I always look forward to performing and going to classes throughiut the week, and I can't wit to perform in more shows. 

I have been dncing since I was 3 and do a variety of styles. My favourite is street dance !

The best thing about being in SKD is the opportunity to perform with all my amazing friends. SKD will help me achieve my dream of becomung a professional dancer.

Being in the events team means being part of an amazing family, dancing, performing and doing something I love.

 I love being in the Events team as I get to do things I never have done before and I get to feel as if I’m part of a family.

I really love being in SKD because I get to try new styles and support the Summers In Time Dance Studio.

Ilove to dance, and hav been dancing for 8 years. I've been lucky enough to perform at many venues and thetres. I really love being a part of SKD because of the amazing opportunities, and also being surrounded by an amazing supportive team. #dancefamily

I enjoy being in SKD because everyone is friendly and kind. I get to learn lots of really cool dance routines and the teacher is always fun and helpful. I enjoy being with my dance friends and performing at different events. 

I love being a part of the events team as it has given me so many opportunities, and is like one big family. Everyone is encouraging and supporting and since being in the team I have improved my dancing skills as well as team work.