Coronavirus - Summers Knight & Summers In Time Dance Studios Statement:

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Nottingham and across the UK has led us to raise awareness to our staff, customers and their families. We want to assure you that we are following government recommended advice to proactively support that advice and defend from the virus as best we can.

We are taking the following steps to contain the virus:

• Hand sanitiser stations are being installed to our City studio main entrance and entrance to the main studio.

• Doors will be propped open where possible.

• Cleaning routines including the use of anti-viral products will be carried out daily.

• Staff will self isolate if they are worried about their health. We know that you too will be following the guidelines re: the self isolation of anybody in our community with a new cough and/or high temperature (please see the NHS website for details).

ALL visitors should ensure they wash their hands thoroughly and/or sanitise their hands on a regular basis, especially after using the toilet. This particularly applies to those attending classes or lessons, regardless of the length of time they are at the studio for. 

For students and their families attending our other venues, we recommend you bring your own hand sanitiser to use whilst you are with us.

All of these precautions will remain in place until the government guidelines tell us otherwise.

Please contact us if you have any further issues or questions.

Thank you for your support in this ongoing matter.