The events team means a lot to me as I was quite new to the studio when it came about. I wasn’t expecting to get in but I did and its opened so many doors for opportunities for me and I've met an amazing group of people. I look forward to coming to rehearsals and coming to class all the time to dance and to see all my amazing peers. The events team is my second family and I love it!

Being in the events team means being part of an amazing family, dancing, performing and doing something I love.

I love to dance all the time so being part of the Events team makes me feel excited and amazing. I love being with my dancing family as they are all friendly and help me.

I love being part of the Events team because I have loved dancing since I was 3 years old and dancing as part of a group gives me a sense of belonging.

Being part of the Summers Knight Events team is special because we learn and perform as a family. There’s nothing better than bringing people together through dance.

 I love being in the Events team as I get to do things I never have done before and I get to feel as if I’m part of a family.

Being part of the Events team has honestly been amazing. Dance has always been like a second family and this just makes dance more enjoyable and helps me be more confident when dancing with different people.

I am so grateful and happy to be part of this Events team. It has opened up lots of opportunities for me as a dancer and made me more confident in myself for different styles of dance. It has also made me meet lots of new people which I now call my second family.

The Events team means a lot to me as it’s full of so many amazing dancers. I've been dancing since I was 6 years old but this is the studio where everyone is like one huge family and always has everyone's backs. The Events team also gives everyone so many amazing opportunities and so many more adventures to come!

Ever since I had my first practice at the studio I have felt like I have become more closer to the team throughout the weeks. I have loved performing with them and I love doing what I love every Sunday. Thank you so much Sarah & Loren for putting me on the team.

Being one of the dancers in the Summers Knight Event team is something I enjoy as we all share the same passion of “performing”. We get given amazing opportunities and I love being part of this dance family.